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Automotive repair industry Virtual estimating, Recruitment & consulting Agency

Bodyshop Recruit is Australia’s leading Remote estimating, international employment & consulting agency dedicated to the automotive repair industry.
We specialize in remote estimators and  international recruitment connecting overseas and local skilled workers with smash repair & mechanical businesses both in and outside of Australia.

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What sets us out from our competitors is that we have owned and operated successful repair shops, employed overseas workers, worked with remote teams and we conduct regular trade testing trips overseas to trade test candidates. Trade testing is done by our qualified Australian team.

We also have staff in the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa and the UAE.

Ashley Jardine


Ash Jardine, founder of Bodyshop Recruit has over 35 years in the Automotive industry, his experience extends from apprentice panel beater, multi-site business owner, director of the Car Craft group, developing greenfield sites, consulting and mentoring Bodyshop owners, working on the acquisitions team for Gemini, overseas & local recruitment, and running a team of remote estimators. 

Janice Jardine


Janice Jardine, our co-founder, brings compassion and firsthand experience to her role. Originally from the Philippines, she understands the challenges of starting anew. With a background in the medical and mental health fields, Janice is the driving force behind overseas staff relations. She also manages our accounts with meticulous care, ensuring the smooth operation of Bodyshop Recruit. 


Bodyshop Recruiter/Relations Manager

Mark, with over 44 years of experience in the collision repair industry, started in 1977, gaining extensive knowledge both in Australia and internationally. Having been a collision repair business owner, CEO at I-CAR Australia, and an industry consultant, he possesses a profound understanding of the evolving industry landscape. Mark is dedicated to addressing industry challenges, leveraging his passion and expertise to foster collaboration and education within the sector, embodying the industry in his blood.

jim damatopoulos
Estimator trainer/Relations Manager

Jim Damatopoulos, Relationship Manager & Estimator Trainer at Bodyshop Recruit. He specializes in the Virtual Estimator space for the panel & paint industry. Began as an apprentice spray painter in 1985 as a 15-year-old from Victoria and moved to Melbourne in ’86 to continue his craft. By 1996, he owned his first panel shop, and in 2010 had owned his second panel shop. He has been self-employed for nearly 3 decades and never looked back.

Dylan Jardine

Dylan has a number of years in the accounting industry accumulating extensive knowledge in a variety of different industries. Having worked closely with Ash, he has an intimate understanding of the needs and costs involved in the motor vehicle industry from both a consulting and an accounting perspective. Dylan leverages his advanced understanding of accounting software to create various reports that are equally as practical as they are intuitive.

Alecks Genota

I serve as the engine behind the scenes, working diligently to ensure the seamless flow of operations and supporting our fantastic team in delivering top-notch services. My journey began in the medical field, but over time, I discovered my passion for operations and workflow optimization. With almost five years of remote work experience, I bring a keen eye for detail and a dedication to keeping things running smoothly.

manila team

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