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Please follow the instructions carefully.

Do an insurance estimate the way you are currently estimating. This will give us an idea of what training is needed for the Australian market. 

  • Fill out your name. Fill out the registration number, color, make, and model of the car (if you know it) for each estimate. 
  • You can either print, hand write, and scan the form or fill it out electronically. 
  • On the photos provided, do 4 manual estimates on the sheet provided. Each estimate will be in tabs 1,2,3, and 4 on the Excel sheet. 
  • The estimate needs to be the way you estimate in your own country now. 
  • If you do the estimate in hours, just add up all the hours. No need to use an hourly rate, just the total hours at the bottom. 
  • If you do the estimate now in dollars and not hours, please write which currency you are using at the bottom of the estimate and convert and totals for each R&R, REP, and Paint showing your currency in AUD (in the total). 
  • Include all remove and refit (R&R) repair and paint times. If you just do lump sum estimates rather than line-by-line hours/dollars, that’s fine. 
  • List any parts needed but parts prices are not needed. 
  • List any other miscellaneous items you may estimate in the ‘Other’ column. 

Download the estimate sheet here



Additional photos here.

estimate 2 - ford ranger

Additional photos here.

Estimate 3 - volvo

Additional photos here.

estimate 4 - volvo

Additional photos here.

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