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At Bodyshop Recruit, we offer a comprehensive assessment service for panel beaters, spray painters, and mechanics in the Philippines. With nearly two decades of experience in employing overseas body shop staff and assisting body shop owners in finding the right talent, we understand the importance of thorough assessment processes in mitigating some of the risks associated with hiring overseas.


Stage 1

Panel beaters are given a basic repair task that should take around 2 – 3 hours to complete.

They are required to do a repair (without body filler) on a body panel and are marked based on time taken, technique and quality of the repair. The repaired area will generally have body lines or edge of the panel damaged so its not too easy.

Then they are asked to apply body filler and marked on the quality and time taken.


Stage 1

Spray painters are required to do a spot repair on a bumper.

First preparation on a scratched bumper section, they are marked before primer on the quality and time taken.

They are then marked on primer preparation. All bumpers are metallic silver and they are required to do a blend out of the base coat then a clear coat blend.

Stage 2

All panel beaters and spray painters that pass Stage 1 with a score of 75 and above are invited to an interview. The interviews are video recorded and the workers who pass the interview then go to our available workers list. Interview recordings are available to employers to select workers.

The interviews are mainly around asking technical questions to see if they understand English as well as how well they can repair or paint.

sample of recorded interview

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