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Welcome to the next big change in the accident repair industry!

full-time estimators at only $880 + gst per week

Subscriptions Available:
Part time – 20hrs per week $540 + GST
Full time 40hrs per week $880 + GST

Our virtual estimating business is growing fast! We are on target to have 50 expert remote estimators on our team, generating over half a billion dollars’ worth of estimates annually. This might sound ambitious, but body shops across Australia, and soon in New Zealand, are already experiencing the advantages of our virtual estimators.

  • Recruiting: We only employ experienced estimators with a minimum of 5 years of experience and a trade background.
  • Training: A 4-week program covers iBodyshop, Ntar, and Australian quoting methodology.
  • Mentorship: Post-training, estimators team up with a mentor for hands-on learning.
  • Onboarding: Team leaders work with clients and estimators to ensure smooth onboarding, usually within a few weeks.
  • Continuous Training and Support: Our team leaders continually check in with our estimators to provide ongoing support and ensure their training needs are met.
Why Partner with Us?

When you choose Bodyshop Recruit, you get more than just an estimator. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Comprehensive Support: Our team includes business development managers, relationship managers, trainers, team leaders, mentors, and estimators.
  • Industry Expertise: Our managment team and owners are all ex bodyshop owners  based in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane. 
  • Wellbeing Matters: We care about mental health. Our dedicated specialist runs online events and offers support to keep our team mentally strong and motivated.
  • Cost: With the rising costs in running a repair shop and staff shortages our modle is very cost efective. 
virtual estimator client process
virtual estimator application process


What are Virtual Estimators?

Virtual Estimators are estimators who work remotely from home or a call center

Can I get my Virtual Estimator to do other tasks besides estimating?

Absolutely! Most have other skills that you can use to your benefit. Some have worked in very large repair shops; you may learn a thing or two from them.

Will I need to do any training with my estimator?

Yes, just the same with any new employee. That’s why we give you the first two weeks free so you have some time to settle in. Your Relationship Manager/VE Trainer will be online with you for the first two weeks to get things in order.

What do I do if I have an issue with my Virtual Estimator?

Contact Bodyshop Recruit's Relationship Manager. His contact details will be in your documentation. He will also be making regular contact with you.

Will my Virtual Estimators take days off or holidays?

Generally, no, however, we allow them 10 days sick and we pay them for unused sick days to help avoid days off. If available, we will assign a replacement Virtual Estimator plus several of our Australian staff are estimators if you really get stuck.

How do I communicate with my Virtual Estimators?

We use software designed for remote workers as our main form of communication. All forms of communication happen on this platform; chat, voice/video calls, file sharing, and storage. We will give you access to your private channel during the onboarding process.

Once I sign up how long before my estimator can start doing quotes?

If we don’t have one available to start now, we will have an estimator within around 4 weeks.

Are the Virtual Estimators experienced?

Our Virtual Estimators are experienced Bodyshop estimators, mostly from trade backgrounds. Some have business degrees, and experience in 6 Sigma and Lean. Some have worked in very large repair shops. A fair few have worked as assessors.

Do the Virtual estimators comply with the repairer’s code?

Yes, as per item 4.4, (b) in the Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry Code of Conduct.

What software can the Virtual Estimators use?

Our Virtual estimators go through basic training with iBodyshop before we assign them to you. Most of them have Audatex experience and have used manufacture-repair methods. Our Virtual estimators go through ongoing training and support.

Do the estimators understand funny money funny time?

Yes, we train them so they understand the methodology and how to do the conversion.

I have multiple workshops, can my Virtual Estimator work between all my sites?

Most definitely, this is one advantage we can offer with MSO and you can also have extra estimators as you grow.

Are the Virtual Estimators in Australia?

No, they are overseas, we have two teams. One team in Sri Lanka and one in The Philippines.

What does Bodyshop Recruit pay the estimators?

We pay our estimating team a fair bit more than they would in their home country working as an estimator. We also provide them with other benefits they normally would not get. This gives them the opportunity to work from their hometown and be with their families rather than working in places like the Middle east. We believe this keeps them engaged, and loyal, and have a happy family life. Because of our salary packages BSR is the employer of choice for overseas estimators making it easier for us to find estimators and retaining staff.

What hours will my Virtual Estimator work?

Our estimators work Monday to Friday from 9 to 5 PM. This gives you time in the morning to load them up with work to do before starting the day. We can arrange different or longer hours if you prefer and a schedule of fees for this is in our agreements. We also have a 12 hr shift option.

Can I get my Virtual Estimator to work extra hours?

Yes, our Virtual Estimators would love the extra work. If you are a very busy workshop we do have a 12hr shift option.

What time zone will my virtual estimator work?

They will work in the time zone of their assigned workshop.

How many estimates per day can my estimator do?

Great question, it depends on many things, size of the estimate, quality's of the photos and if you provide a scope of works. Your estimator doesn't get the interruptions from clients, staff, assessors, etc like a onsite estimators does. Most our estimators do at least 10 - 20 estimates per day.
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