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Welcome to the next big change in the accident repair industry!

Benefits of hiring a virtual estimator

  • A virtual estimator is less than half the cost of an onsite estimator.
  • Increase office efficiencies. 
  • Free up time for your in-house estimator to upsell.
  • Onsite staff have more time for better parts pricing.
  • Get quotes out faster.
  • The onsite estimator can finish the non-drive quotes faster.
  • The onsite estimator can spend more time with clients.
  • Cover when your onsite estimator is away.
  • One low weekly fee, with no on-costs.
  • Less stress for the onsite estimator increasing staff retention.
  • Virtual estimators can do other administrative tasks besides quotes.


Access to a Pool of Skilled and Experienced VEs: BSR screens and selects virtual estimators so clients are assured that they are working with professionals who have the right skills and experience. 

Better cost management: By hiring a VE through BSR, clients can reduce the costs associated with payroll, superannuation, employee benefits, taxes, and training, as the agency BSR manages these aspects.

Reduced hiring time: Working with BSR eliminates the time and effort involved in sourcing, interviewing, and hiring virtual estimators.

Peace of mind: BSR provides clients with peace of mind by taking care of HR-related issues, such as background checks, tax compliance, and contract management.

Improved quality of work: BSR sets clear expectations, provides training and support, and holds VEs accountable for their work, resulting in improved quality of work for clients.

Systems and processes: BSR has a clear set of systems and processes that have been developed to manage all aspects of our team.

Training: BSR has a training system to get estimators ready for the Australian market.

Support: Workshops are assigned a Australian based relationship manager to help with any support and issues.

Tracking software: BSR supply workshops with software that tracks the VE’s work so you know they are working on your estimates.

Experience: BSR have been in the accident repair industry over 30 years and owned accident repair shops


What are Virtual Estimators?

Virtual Estimators are estimators who work remotely doing small to medium estimates.

Can I get my Virtual Estimator to do other tasks besides estimating?

Absolutely! Most have other skills that you can use to your benefit. Some have worked in very large repair shops; you may learn a thing or two from them.

Will I need to do any training with my estimator?

Most likely, just the same with any new employee. That’s why we give you the first two weeks free so you have some time to settle in.

What do I do if I have an issue with my Virtual Estimator?

Contact Bodyshop Recruit's Relationship Manager. His contact details will be in your documentation. He will also be making regular contact with you.

Will my Virtual Estimators take days off or holidays?

Generally, no, however, we allow them 10 days sick and we pay them for unused sick days to help avoid days off. If available, we will assign a replacement Virtual Estimator plus several of our Australian staff are estimators if you really get stuck.

How do I communicate with my Virtual Estimators?

It’s a modern world and communication is very easy these days, we Slack for all our communications. Emails you can set the up on your company emails or one of ours. We also provide you with a Zoom link for virtual meetings when ever you want to video call them.

Once I sign up how long before my estimator can start doing quotes?

If we don’t have one available to start now, we will have an estimator within around 4 weeks.

Are the Virtual Estimators experienced?

Our Virtual Estimators are experienced Bodyshop estimators, mostly from trade backgrounds. Some have business degrees, and experience in 6 Sigma and Lean. Some have worked in very large repair shops.

Do the Virtual estimators comply with the repairer’s code?

Yes, as per item 4.4, (b) in the Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry Code of Conduct.

What software can the Virtual Estimators use?

Our Virtual estimators go through basic training with iBodyshop before we assign them to you. Most of them have Audatex experience and have used manufacture-repair methods already. When possible we put them through Audatex 101 online training with Audatex in Australia.

Do the estimators understand funny money funny time?

Yes, we brief them on this and they do several estimating tasks on this in our training schedule using different hourly rates.

I have multiple workshops, can my Virtual Estimator work between all my sites?

Most definitely, this is one advantage we can offer with MSO and you can also have extra estimators as you grow.

Are the Virtual Estimators in Australia?

No, they are overseas and work from home.

What does Bodyshop Recruit pay the estimators?

We pay our estimating team a fair bit more than they would in their home country working as an estimator. We also provide them with other benefits they normally would not get. This gives them the opportunity to work from their hometown and be with their families rather than working in places like the Middle east. We believe this keeps them engaged, and loyal, and have a happy family life.

What hours will my Virtual Estimator work?

Our estimators work Monday to Friday from 9 to 5 PM. This gives you time in the morning to load them up with work to do before starting the day. We can arrange different or longer hours if you prefer and a schedule of fees for this is in our agreements. We also have a 12 hr shift option.

Can I get my Virtual Estimator to work extra hours?

Yes, our Virtual Estimators would love the extra work. If you are a very busy workshop we do have a 12hr shift option.

Will my Virtual Estimator be doing quotes for other repairers?

During his shift he will be working with you exclusively.

What time zone will my virtual estimator work?

They will work in the time zone of their assigned workshop.

How many estimates per day can my estimator do?

Great question, it depends on many things, size of the estimate, quality's of the photos and if you provide a scope of works. Your estimator doesn't get the interruptions from client's, staff, assessors, etc like a onsite estimators does. Most our estimators do at least 10 - 20 estimates per day.
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